Your Dress

sewing needlesHaving worked for both the film and theatre industries, Becky can fully appreciate the need for not only the most delicate of finishes but also the need for both strength and durability. While you are not expected to need to run for a bus on your big day, your dress should feel like a second skin, allowing you the freedom to shine all day and dance all night.

To begin with, your dress can be whatever you like- designs are only limited by your imagination. Becky’s skill of interpreting you mind’s image of how you want to look will quickly become visible as a combination of sketches. With your ideas and her intimate knowledge of design and materials, Becky can advise you on the styles and fabrics that will suit your body shape.

dressmakingBecky’s background as a costume maker has allowed her to study the traditional art of corsetry, the foundation beneath many a sculpted figure. She can work with the curves that nature has given you, (or help you out if you feel you’ve been short changed), to make you look and feel like a goddess on your big day.

The next step is to agree the design, and Becky will produce this in the form of a toile (a mock-up of the garment made from inexpensive material). This is how she ensures that the dress is a perfect fit, and is also an ideal time to experiment with ideas that you may want to try before confirming or ruling them out. From here, it’s the making of the real thing!

fine silky materialChoosing the right materials to make up the final design is absolutely key to getting the effect you want. Becky can advise and assist you as you shop. Becky’s rapport with the best fabric retailers available will make the whole shopping experience both informative and enjoyable!

lacing a corsetFrom choosing the fabrics to final construction, the timescale can vary dramatically, so it pays to get your first consultation in early. Naturally, the more elaborate the design the longer you can expect the dress to take to make. You will be consulted along the way with regular fittings, culminating in the final article.

Finally, there is always the opportunity of a photo shoot held in a private location prior to the big event. This is free of charge. The photographer (Jimmy the Snaps) is a national award winner and his photographs have been used for everything from catalogues to the front page news of all the broadsheets.

Becky can be on hand at the wedding to help you prepare for the ceremony and the photos on the big day.

It’s not just a dress. It’s a part of your story.